Wednesday, February 6, 2008

fashion-to-go: belt it

sooo, i'm prancing very happily all over when i stumble on diane von furstenberg's fall '08 collection!!!! LOVE LOVE her?!?!?! fashion need not be over-the-top to be OOH-LA-LA and dvf very clearly gets it plaid in, plaid out (fashion can be so temperamental. sigh.)! i'm not here to give a blow-by-blow analysis of the colors and textures and all that uber fashiony stuff - we'll leave that to those who really know or are good at pretending :) however, i did notice that she uses the skinny belt in very, very charming ways and just had to share.

skinny belts are such fantastic little tools for keeping an outfit together. how much more evidence do you need? dvf sucks in the volume, keeping the focus at the waist, making her looks very feminine and chic. i keep my two skinny belts (one blue with a brown buckle that i found at a goodwill store for practically nothing $, and the other, black and slim) very handy and use them to tie my outfits together - e.g. layered tanks + cardigan + skinny belt or ruffle tops + cardigan + skinny belts, etc. dvf does it here with cardigans, coats, jackets, pants, dresses (maxi even!), skirts, and separates, keeping layering very elegant! it also keeps colors and patterns together, leaving you looking more 'i totally know what i'm doing' than 'wait, does blue go with orange?' haha :) makes you want to layer with a skinny belt, doesn't it? ;)

to see her full collection, click away!

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Anonymous said...

nice collection!I want me a trench coat jare