Monday, February 18, 2008

scarf it up

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scarves shouldn't just be an after-thought you throw on to ward off the treacherous weather! they can add instant pep to an outfit transforming it from something simple to something quite spectacular. with that said, there are many, many styles to choose from:

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print/patterned scarves - wear fabulous floral prints, shemagh-style scarves, stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, animal print, checkered fabric, multi-colored print, add some sparkle (e.g. gold or silver thread/fringes), etc. note that all these suggested patterns are a lovely alternative to the shemagh trend if you don't want to follow it outrightly. pick a pattern you like and fold away!:

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pashmina it up - keep it simple with a pashmina! they come in a variety of basic colors and patterns, while some are more elaborate with intricate beading and lace detailing. seriously, pashminas are ESSENTIAL! i always keep mine handy as a substitute for an umbrella during those unexpected, sudden showers, as my go-to scarf/shawl when temperatures drop, as a head wrap for those bad hair days, etc. you get the idea! go for a bold contrast with a bright color or a subtle one:

also, there are many, many ways to wear a pashmina. you can take the same shapes into account when tying a regular scarf as well:

need more inspiration? click away:

tobi I
tobi II

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textures/shapes & sizes&lengths/more ways to wear - scarves are also made of a variety of materials (cotton, silk...) and come in a variety of shapes and lengths, as seen in the pictures above. this makes it interesting to see the different ways you can work with them depending on what you're wearing or the look you're going for.

for instance, silk scarves can be worn around your neck in an elegant little bow like so:


while longer, wider versions can be left hanging without complex loops or folds:

scarves can also be skinny:

worn with a plain tee, used to spice up a dress, tied to your wrist, waist, purse, or to your head like a band, wrapped around your head, under a jacket/blazer/cardigan:

how's that for a versatile little accessory?

finally, if all else fails, you can depend on a good ol' knit scarf to keep yourself warm and cosy but experiment with different patterns and textures:

whatever you do this week, wear a scarf, will you? ;)

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tosan said...

okay, this is just flippin' awesome! i bloody love it! how long did it take you to get this together?!?! LOL.

DAVID said...

SCARVESSSSS!!! Timeless accessory dammit! lol

Tiger Tem said...

Self proclaimed Pashmina Mafioso!
Great blog.

Anonymous said...


shopliquorice said...

@ tosan: thanks! a long, long while! haha :)

@ david: correct!

@ tiger tem: thanks! loveeeee my pashminas...almost said more than life...but it's not quite that serious :D

@ anon: thanks!