Saturday, March 22, 2008

buzz: much ado about africa (and we LOVE it!)

of tees & purses

the spring runways were bursting with inspired pieces that pick and mix from all over the world, and africa certainly wasn't left out. from the exotic print (e.g. ankara), to the earthy colors and accessories (e.g. stacked wooden bangles), there's something for everyone. we've noticed some africa-related trends on some of our favorite blogs, websites, and magazines, too, and we'd like to share our findings with you. if you're african or you love the AMAZING continent of africa, this post is for you:

==> TEES:

* i am africa tees - we first learned about these tees through the mother of all networking sites,, and this week, the fabulous must-visit blog yayemarieba refreshed our memories here.

be the new face of africa today! shop here and visit them on facebook here.

* tonic gen - another favorite website of ours (clutch magazine) featured tees by tonicgen here. for every tee you buy, you're supporting a cause that diverts funds to areas they're most needed. take their net tee, for instance:

according to, 'each net tee will fund the delivery of 3 mosquito bed nets to families in africa'.

learn more about tonicgen's causes here and shop here.

* obey - this tee is the result of a collaboration between OBEY and the HOPE campaign to raise funds and awareness about the ongoing situation in darfur. OBEY will donate all proceeds to this cause.

shop here and here.

* jamhuri wear - we first heard about jamhuri when we saw this striking tee:

we love their other offerings and you will too! shop here, and visit them on facebook here.

* bernos

bernos' 'about us' section reads:

'Bernos creates high-quality, eye-catching t-shirts featuring African themes. We supply the world with standout shirts featuring African icons, inspired by our Afrocentric themes.'

if you like the sound of that, shop here!


* mad imports - we were excited to learn about mad imports courtesy of a mimi magazine feature. according to mad imports' website:

"Mad Imports is a socially & environmentally responsible company that markets handmade fashion accessories from Madagascar & Kenya . Our eclectic accessories blend traditional and contemporary design ideas of our international design team who incorporate renewable raw materials to create vivid & original clutches, totes and shoulder bags. The sale of our products enables families to gain economic independence and promotes environmental conservation."

we like! we a like a LOT! shop here!

* shika bags - we stumbled on this website when we were searching for ankara bags and we like what we see!

shop here!

* urbanknit - now, this nigerian bag + scarf designer we LOVE!

her scarves and purses are gorgeous and we'd buy them all if we could! see what we mean here, and visit the designer's blog here.


p.s. we bumped into this website while blog-hopping and we thought we'd share it with you even though we put this entry up ages ago. visit the lovely sierra leonean mimi's boutiquemix here and enjoy shopping for accessories, purses, and lots more!


if you know of any other sites/products that we've left out, please shoot us an e-mail at or leave a comment.

thanks for reading! spread the word and happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so this blog makes me happy. I don't know if it's the content, the layout, or the colors...all of the above, maybe? Yes. I love it all! Great feature. Off to max out my already maxed out credit card, lol.

SET said...


Chike-Ikechi Is said...

Sharp t-shirt designs coupled with a cause makes the design even more attractive! Really loving the first shirt..

kendraott said...

TONIC here- thanks for including our t-shirt in your list! Check out our new line of tees, and causes, when they are available to the public Friday, April 4th, 2008.
Take good care and thanks again for the mention!

shop liquorice said...

anon: thanks MUCH :) your comment has made ME happy, lol

set: thanks for dropping by, set! glad you liked the feature.

chike-ikechi: i totally get what you mean. my favorite is the obey/hope tee. it's the only one i've seen in person...

kendraott: you're so welcome! we'll def. be on the lookout.

- L, on behalf of teamliquorice


Chike-Ikechi Is said...

you should get a sitemeter or extreme tracker for the blog to guage readership! if you need help with set cheers ;-)

Africainement said...

love the nicey:)
Ah mama Africa...

KreativeMix said...

Someone just sent me a link to your blog!!! I love it AND SUPER SUPER SUPER THANK YOU for giving my boutique a shout out!!! Much love and appreciation and I'm digging this blog. I'm adding y'all to my blogroll. Kudos to Africa!!!


shop liquorice said...

@ chike - done! thanks!

@ africainement - yes o! :)

@ kreativemix - you are SO welcome :) thanks for dropping by and all the best with your new boutique!