Monday, March 31, 2008

look here: real style

real style: the college student

we're forever adding new features on this blog because we want it to reflect our interests as closely as possible and because, while we like going to some of our favorite blogs and knowing what to expect, we'd like our own space on the www to have a variety of fashion and lifestyle-related features - almost like a virtual pick-and-mix sweet shop. yes, we like the idea of that very much. today, we present our first installment in our 'real style' segment, submitted by our dear, dear friend, Tee. she suggested this feature so we asked her to provide the material and voila!:

here's what she had to say:

'Hello ladies! Told you I'd deliver! Ha! Here's a dear friend of mine...bumped into her on campus and just had to take a picture of her in this outfit. I absolutely LOVE it! I'm a sucker for grey and black, but I also love each individual element of this look - the buckle detailing on her gorgeous flat Seychelles boots, her great jacket from Nine West, her H&M thick knit dress, her sunglasses, knit leggins...LOVE it all! Oh, almost forgot - isn't her sling purse the most delightful color and shape? I was pleasantly surprised that it's a Tommy Hilfiger piece! Yup! I especially like how it livens her outfit up in the most subtle, understated it's a stunning contrast against the grey backdrop of her jacket. Hope you and your readers like her outfit as much as I do!!!! More pictures to come. Too lazy to start my own blog! Lol. Love you guys!! Tee xoxo

P.S. How much do you love that bike?! AHHHHHH! '


we agree, we agree, WE AGREE :) Tee is SO spot-on in her analysis that we have only this left to say - we encourage you to send in submissions of yourselves and your friends and we'll be happy to use as many as we like for future features. have a fabulous week!


Sade K said...

Wish I could make an effort to look so chic on my way to class. I usually just live in sweatpants, a hoodie, and my converses. Sigh. I'm inspired by her look though. I have some identical pieces that just might work. Off to try some clothes on! Woohooooo! Cool post!

Anonymous said...

Really cute outfit. More!

shop liquorice said...

@ sade k: totally hear you on living in sweatpants! so convenient! hehe. feel free to send us your version of this look.

@ anon: we certainly agree! soon come :)

Anonymous said...

Fab concept!! might have to try that...but without the bicycle :)

shop liquorice said...

@ anon: lol, the bicycle is such a cute prop, no? haha. glad you like the outfit. Tee needs to send us more, more, more!