Saturday, April 19, 2008

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trends for less

hello! hope your weekend's off to a great start. here are a couple of trends that have caught our attention in several places at once...

you might have noticed jellies making a re-appearance this season. we wore them when we were 10 and we're not entirely sure how we feel about wearing them in our 20s, but we stumbled on this pair by marc jacobs and found a much cheaper alternative at target:

t-b: marc jacobs @ $160 here; target @ $5.59 here. also, see more colors here and here.

ridiculously similar, no? think marc jacobs copied target? haha...


speaking of trends, here's a cross between jellies and gladiators. it was bound to happen, wasn't it?

if they're your thing, get them here for $19.50.


let's take the focus off shoes for a minute. another childhood staple we've been seeing a lot of lately? stirrup leggings! target saves the day again! they have gray ones for $4.99 here but if you're more interested in black:

get a pair at target for $9.99 here or a pair from american apparel (see below) for $14.99 here.


moving on...

if you caught sight of these peeptoe lace-up booties on balenciaga's fall '07 runway and have been in love ever since, thank bakers and steve madden for providing you with pretty darn good 'reinventions':

t-b: steve madden @ $149.95 here; bakers shoes @ $129.95 here


or if you'd much rather be wearing the balenciaga lego pump...

...and don't have $4,175 to spare, look no further than bakers and steve madden again:

t-b: steve madden @ $149.95 here; steve madden @ $99.95 here; bakers @ $79.95 here



we're enjoying this a little too much. let's move to accessories:

- if you're into pretty flowery rings:

kenneth jay lane ($70) here vs. forever21 ($5.80) here

- or if painted bangles are your thing:

kenneth jay lane ($40) here vs. forever21 ($4.80) here

- we've also been seeing rubber/elastic bracelets a little too often to ignore them:

accessories & beyond ($62) here vs. wet seal ($6) here

- or if you're more into leather bracelets with charms:

accessories & beyond ($176 for 15) here vs. stolenthunder @ ($7.99 each) here


our work here is done. for now. we hope we've helped some! if you're looking for anything at a more pocket-friendly price, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we just might be able to help -

have a happy weekend!



Anonymous said...

All these pieces are strikingly similar. Well done again, ShopLiquorice!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

great job!!!!!

shop liquorice said...

@ anon & boutique mix: thanks so much :) we appreciate your dropping by!


Chi-Chi said...

I love that Kenneth Cole flower ring.

Great job on finding similar pieces from the runway!

style.street said...

wow, thats brilliant. Hopefully target in australia will be getting those marc copies. thanks!

shop liquorice said...

@ chi-chi kenneth jay lane, hehe :) i'll have to admit that i prefer f21's version, lol. thanks for dropping by!

@ style.street: ooooh, i want to visit australia ASAP! so cool :)

SET said...

Those balenciaga initation by steve madden is horrible.