Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wanted: clutch. again.

fendi: patent shoulder bag

our quest to find the perfect foldover hold-all clutch led us to this gorgeous oversized fendi piece here and here. we're certainly not coughing up $1,680 anytime soon (well, unless we find a wad of cash lying on the pavement) so we'll just have to sit this one out over a tub of haagen-dazs. and tears. sigh.

p.s. lots and lots and LOTS of fun posts coming soon! stay tuned and thanks for coming :)


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

looks pretty fab!!!

shop liquorice said...

@ boutique mix fashion: i SO agree!

Stitch Society said...

I want it!!!

shop liquorice said...

@ stitch_society: wish i was a genie, hehe! i would give everyone in the world one, lol.