Monday, July 14, 2008

news: t.w.o., sorrela, ikechukwu onyewuenyi

helloooooooooo! we're back! well, for as long as our good internet karma doesn't run out :) hope you've all been well...assuming anyone still visits this blog, hehehe. okay, let's get down to business before our internet connection goes mental! here are a few things that have caught our eyes in the last few weeks:


we're probably the last people to stumble on ankara/african print heaven, but here's our two cents anyway! we'll be the first to say that we're fascinated by the many, many, MANY forms ankara can take and glad to see three young ladies trying to raise the stakes. yes, everyone and their mama's doing it but it's great to see ready-to-wear that's only an order form away at some of the most competitive prices we've seen so far. let's face it -- they're running a business, and while your tailor in lagos is probably well-able to copy and paste these designs for a fraction of the cost, their prices are not so ridiculous that we can't support them. head on over to their blog or facebook group for more details :) lots and lots of gorgeous pieces! we're especially in serious like with their work collection and how well ankara fits in with other fabrics or more classic pieces like the white shirt. gone are the days (well, at least for us) of being decked out in ankara from head-to-toe! mix-and-match is the monotone :) great job, ladies!!


you've also probably heard about SORRELA, your new one-stop destination for fabulous accessories. we like, we like, we like!!! more here :)


last but certainly not the least, make sure you support ikechukwu onyewuenyi of chike-ikechi (we're majorly addicted to this blog!) here as he fills the vacuum in menswear blogs. more grease :)


we'll be right back! stay tuned to our facebook page for updates! GOSH, we've missed you!

p.s. a very, very special shoutout to bobby taylor :) you do such fantastic, inspiring work and we're so honored to have you drop by! thank you :)))

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Chike-Ikechi said...

thank you ladies for the support! your reason why blogging is so enjoyable ;-)