Friday, August 22, 2008

guilty pleasure: celebrity blackberry sightings

hellooooo :) just breezing through to share one of our many guilty pleasures with you! everybody knows (okay, maybe not everybody, lol) the blackberry is the ultimate accessory. if you own one, you get it. if you don't own one, you should get one! it keeps us organized and connected on-the-go...and it's so much cuter than the i-phone, lol. okay, let's not go there. welllll, we said all that to say this. we've been hooked on celebrity blackberry sightings for ages. it's one of those guilty pleasures we can't quite justify...but it works just fine for us, thanks! if the idea of seeing your favorite celebs on-the-go with their crackberrys in tow catches your fancy, you should pay this blog a visit pronto (totally didn't even mean to kinda sorta rhyme)! this blog is also a great, painless way to keep up with who's wearing what if that's the kind of thing you need to unwind after a long day, lol.


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