Thursday, August 28, 2008

the love list: edition I

hello folks! here's our first installment of our love list. no points for guessing what it'll feature, lol:

*maxi skirts: yes, we adore maxi dresses and think they're awesome and yadi yadi yadda, but maxi skirt needs love too. now, they don't have to be frumpy or have any frills or be boho to the point of bewildering...clean, simple shapes work just fine for us and they also transition pretty easily from day to night:

...and to be smack bang in the middle of fall '08 trends, how about layered, statement necklaces to complete the looks above and step them up a notch?

*ebay: we could go on and on about this one. from finding items that are sold out elsewhere, to items that simply don't exist anywhere else, to stumbling on the most gorgeous vintage dresses, purses, and accessories at the most ridiculous, giveaway prices, ebay continues to rock our worlds day after day after day. right now, we're searching for vintage cups and saucers for our apartments, lol:

don't ask, lol.

*louboutins - we're major suckers for sky high pumps with the signature louboutin red soles. they're like a secret weapon of instant fabulousness and we can't wait to start our very own louboutin shrine someday, lol. here are some of our favorite looks from celebrities who wear them well:

sigh. soon come...

*jersey dresses - these are wardrobe staples where we're concerned. fluid, easy pieces that always work in those 'nothing to wear' moments. we're loving this rachel pally dress, now available at shopbop:

...and these pieces by frenzii and jully kang:

available at shop verucasalt and ladyee boutique

...but of course we're ballin' on a forever21 and h&m budget :)

*frozen yogurt: if you've had pinkberry's yogurt (especially with their mango and cookies + cream topping), you've pretty much gone to heaven:

if you haven't, put it on your list of things to do before you die. yes, it's that serious :)

that's all folks! well, at least for now. what are you loving at the moment?


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