Monday, September 8, 2008

event: NY fashion week/diane von furstenberg

dvf most certainly went all out for her spring '09 collection. there was some emphasis on keeping it together in her fall '08 collection but next season is about freedom, movement, and getting loose. here's some of the other stuff we noticed:

- very hippie/flower child/boho with her maxi dresses, flowery headbands, flowery print:

- some black and white
- lots of pinks, purples, and oranges

- vibrant print
- watercolor dresses:

- color, color, color:

- accessories: fringe purses, wedged sandals, metallic pumps, clutches
- mixing and matching prints:

[instant edge added with the studded belt]

- gold/metallic pieces + accessories:

- details - knit pieces, sequins, etc:

[excellent attention to detail in this collection]

- tiered and/or ruffle dresses:

- belts: we remarked on her use of belts in her fall '08 collection here:

next spring, she's still belting it up but with a different effect:

FABULOUS, dvf. as always :)


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