Thursday, September 18, 2008

spotlight: duro olowu (spring '09)

when we say duro olowu, what immediately comes to mind? print. it has come to be his signature look - mixing and matching ethnic/african print, vintage print, colors, and a wide variety of patterns in bold, fresh, and original ways. so on some level, we knew precisely what to expect from his spring 2009 collection...but then again, duro olowu always pumps up the volume in ways you can't necessarily anticipate:

he pays homage to his african/nigerian roots once again in his print selection and his use of accessories - chunky, layered tribal necklaces, and palm slippers - but he's by no means restricted. he plays with fluid silks, polka dot prints, vintage floral print, structured jackets, pants, dresses, contrast belting, pocketing - the whole nine yards. olowu clearly isn't afraid to experiment and the duro olowu woman isn't either. she's daring, striking, and ever-evolving, but always drawn to re-interpretations and updated versions of old favorites like floral print and polka dots. overall, this is a worthy celebration of the hub of creativity that is duro olowu and his fourth collection captures the spirit of his work and steps it up a notch with commendable results.


Teju said...

Fantastic review!

Aly-gator said...

i adore the polkadot pants in the 6th picture. wonderful spread.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ teju: thanks :-)

@ aly-gator: this collection makes me want to stock up on polka dots, lol. thanks for swinging by!