Monday, September 15, 2008

spotlight: POPAFRICANA

[on the cover: eligha ojok, 19, with love from sudan]

it's finally here, people! we've been waiting and anticipating and following oroma elewa's blog for ages, waiting for the announcement and it looks like we're good to go :) POP'AFRICANA is a fabulous new magazine unlike anything we've ever seen out of africa - lots and lots of vibrant bursts of color, art, fashion, features, photography...OH MY. if this is the new face of africa, we're certainly stupendously proud to be african and part of the movement. commendable work, oroma + team :-)

take a look inside the magazine here ESPECIALLY if you're 'alternative minded, stylish, cool, talented, and open minded' ;)

p.s. we're super humbled to have received a shout out here. thank YOU :)


Dropsofglamour said...

Hey! How have you guys been? The mag looks great,thanks for the heads up.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ dropsofglamour: we've been greeeeat, thanks! you're welcome :)


Merrilee said...

POPAFRICANA is a wonderful, refreshing triumph of art in this world.
MERCURA NYC, the artists making the eyewear in POPAFRICANA have their work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fashion and we feel the artful photography of Oroma could be framed and placed in the MET amongst the works of other great photographers.

Greg said...

Popafricana is so very beautiful. I met Oroma at 28th Street Photo Studio NYC where she was photographing the cover with that amazing model in mercura nyc eyewear! Wow, Oroma has a good eye for fascinating and creating suspense in such a very beautiful way!!!!
Wish we could see the magazine in hard copy too......the talent is there.