Saturday, September 13, 2008

spotlight: project runway

helllllo :-) did anyone else catch the project runway show at bryant park? gosh, deciding on a winner's going to be pretty tough. granted, we didn't follow PR much this past season, but on the strength of their final collections alone, here are our three favorites out of the 6 designers that showed...

jerrell scott had some stonkingly good majority black + gold pieces:

korto momolu's inspired by nature collection showcased the indisputable beauty of color and africa:

while leanne marshal wowed us with her origami-inspired pieces:

we'll have to wait until october 15 to see who the winner is. in the meantime, who are you routing for? we're thinking korto on the strength of her range, color pallette, and execution. her pieces are sophisticated, chic, commendably well-tailored and a wonderful spring platter of choice. her accessories are also very complimentary and tribal/ethnic without being too obnoxious or obvious...and those gorgeous raffia fans?!?! well-played, korto. new spring 09 and beyond accessory? we dare say so :)


source: WWD


SET said...

HI, its been a while. hope all is well. I wanna watch the finale i have not been watching the show this season, but love the fashion show episodes.

Anonymous said...

West Africa in the building!!!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ set: helloooo :) we've been fabulous, thanks! hope you've been, too. can't wait for the finale either. october 15!

@ anon: ohhhh yessss! lol.