Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wanted: a chanel purse

ever wanted something you can't afford and have no hope of affording anytime in the near future (i.e. tomorrow)? YES? well, we've gone and fallen in love with the big one and lambskin/classic status/uber sexiness aside, $2,000 + is a helluva lotta $$$$ to drop on a purse. no harm in looking, though, right? sigh. so, tell us, what do you secretly or not-so-secretly covet? and what's the most you've ever spent on any one item? any regrets? we'll 'fess up right after you! lol. promise! okay, we'll go first. LOL. we've come preeeeetty close to breaking the bank with louboutins (no regrets there!!) & a certain member of teamliquorice actually OWNS a chanel tote, thanks to parents who love her, LOL. but 2/3 of us remain chanelless...don't weep for us, though! we all fully intend to marry rich! LOL. jay kayyyyy!


p.s. in case anyone out there wanted to know the history of the chanel purse (the things we google during our lunch breaks are a bit random. sorry.), look no further than here!


Chi-Chi said...

You're not the only one wanting a Chanel purse! Great update...

Dropsofglamour said...

Such a coincidence because this bag has occupied my thoughts for too long now. The closest I can get to it is through the pictures saved on my laptop. Not sure I could ever spend that much money on a bag even if i had the money, lol!

Remi Fagbohun said...

Hmmm -
I think I am the WRONG person to ask about most expensive purchases. Bags are my drug of choice with shoes coming a close second. Some are for myself, some for clients...

Most expensive bag...(I cringe as I say this) 3K.

Most expensive pair of shoes...1k

However my most expensive item PERIOD would be my fur coat - NOT saying how much it costs!!!

I personally find Chanel very holds absolutely no appeal. I would sooner get a Birken...or one of the limited edition Louis Vuitton bags...Sigh...but then I am extreme arent I???


xoliquoricexo said...

@ chi-chi: thanks! we'll race you? lol.

@ dropsofglamour: lol, we have chanel screen savers phones and laptops :-) sigh. one day.

@ remi: okay, so i totally need to raid your closet! OMG, a birkin?? too close to $10,000 for my liking, lol. thanks for sharing! when can i visit? lol.

thanks for dropping by y'all!


Tiger Tem said...

Interesting post. What's the one thing fashion wise I really want but is way too expensive. Hmmm.

I love that Chanel purse but a tad ubiquitous for me. Love Louboutins but they're do-able in their own xmas bonus kinda do-able.

If I'm going to drop a lot of cash on something, I want something different. If I'm really obsessive about one thing...its got to be rings. I can never get enough of beautiful rings.

But yeah girls, I'll be racing you for the supermarket sweep through Remi's closet!