Monday, October 6, 2008

spotlight: mud cloth/"bogolanfini"

when we think 'african fashion', the first thing that usually comes to mind is ankara. it's everywhere and worn by every imaginable cross-section of people, at least in lagos - from the streets to runways to haute couture pieces, ankara has definitely come a long way. while we're glad to see it inspire such astounding creativity, we're also all for re-discovering other fabrics that don't get as much attention but are pretty darn fabulous as well. today, we focus on mud cloth, thrust into the spotlight (somewhat) by oscar de la renta's 'african print dress':

it's native to mali and made from "numerous applications of various plant juices/teas and mud to dye hand woven cloth"*. interestingly enough, each pattern carries a meaning and mud cloth is typically worn during special occasions. if you're interested in the history of mud cloth, you should definitely click here and here. we look forward to seeing more designers mix and match a variety of african prints in the near future because as much as we love our ankara, it really has suffered from a little too much overexposure :-) let's spread the love, people! with that said, rachel pally (queen of jersey and easy, breezy ready-to-wear pieces) pays homage to mud cloth print in her new collection, now available at shopbop:

we hope we've inspired you to step away from the ankara every once in a while :-)


*source - cornell


Chi-Chi said...

I love the prints ShopBop offered. Very chic and affordable.

Fly Girl said...

These are some interesting interpretations. I agree, mudcloth is a little over exposed but when I do wear it, I prefer the energy and texture of the authentic fabric. I think it's so popular because people are more comfortable with neutral prints as opposed to the bold colors of wax prints.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ chi chi: rachel pally rocks!

@ fly girl: did you mean to say ankara is a little overexposed? 'cause that's what i meant and was trying to get people to switch things up a bit. i LOVE my ankara to bits but variety is the spice of life :-) thanks for dropping by!