Thursday, January 29, 2009

wanted: louboutin declic pumps

okay, so we're not exactly feenin' for recession-proof pieces but teach us how to resist louboutins and we'll recommend you for knighthood! that said, yes, they're not the most elaborate louboutins out there but we're classic girls at heart and we may branch out every now and then but we like to keep things simple and timeless. enter stage left the louboutin declic pump. suede? check. high enough so we're towering over everyone else? CHECK! red soles? check, check, CHECK!!!! at $660 bucks, they're a little out of our budget (lol) but since when did that ever stop anyone?!?! pshhh, don't be ridunkulous :-) for extra inspiration, here's ursula stephens rocking the hell out of her pair:

[source: theybf]

& here's rihanna (well, part of rihanna) wearing a red pair:

badassness. we don't even care that that's not an actual word.


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