Monday, February 9, 2009

about the grammys: manish arora/M.I.A.

hi guys :-)

K here with a quickie about the grammys. i'd heard about M.I.A before last night's appearance but wouldn't have been able to identify her in a line-up - such is the extent of my pop culture ineptness. so when i saw someone dressed on the red carpet in something approaching garish (+ sneakers??)...

...i gasped and very nearly died from asphyxiation. not entirely sure what i think about this outfit (which is probably the first step towards acceptance)...but from my findings, outlandish is totally cool for M.I.A. and i'm not mad @ the chic for doing her. thanks to red carpet fashion awards, we now know that the sri lankan singer chose a look from manish arora's spring/summer 2009 collection:

from my findings, he's definitely one to watch. granted, some of his designs really kick the air outta your lungs and leave you in a daze:

but for the most part, i'm completely fascinated by his work and totally want to get to know him in a "will you be my BFF and send me free clothes?" sort of way. here's a cross section of pieces from his last 7 shows, in no particular order:

not too shabby, eh?

mr. manish, i kinda sorta dig you. M.I.A, i kinda sorta dig you, too.

group hug?


photos courtesy of vogue uk & coutorture


SET said...

I love it, MIA can do anything and get away with it. She is a bad girl. Her outfit on stage at the grammys had me lol.

Fly Girl said...

I immediately recognized the African print on MIA's dress at the Grammy's. SHe's outrageous but you gotta love her, especially 9 monthes pregnant! I'm really excited about manish aurora's line, can you send me some samples when you make him your BFF?