Friday, February 20, 2009

the african fashion collective: tiffany amber by folake folarin-coker

tiffany amber's collection featured simple, embellished dresses in stunning hues:

the embellished

lots of bling bling and beading transforms these pieces from run-of-the-mill to memorable. strategically and thoughtfully placed, the embellishments add doses of razzle and dazzle in a way that isn't gaudy or offensive.

the ankara pieces

keeping it simple but clever is transforming a staple piece like a trench-style coat dress into something more by fashioning it entirely out of ankara. stepping it up a notch is mixing and matching ankara with other fabrics a la the classic brown trench with its ankara belt, beaded pockets, and contrast ankara cuff detailing. don't even get us started on the back.


this piece fits right in with some others because of its color but it's also a stand-alone piece because it's a simple, draped silk jersey (?) dress with a belt in place of the bling.

our verdict?

granted, none of this is ground-breaking or avant-garde...but avant-garde doth not fabulous make. we'd wear every piece in a heartbeat, that much we know. that said, a clear "tiffany amber" stamp on each piece would have been refreshing. folake folarin-coker knows that ankara and embellishments are the keys to many, many hearts, so she focuses almost exclusively on them without really doing anything new. she did play around a little with lengths and shapes but overall, one gets the sense these are pieces from a designer who didn't quite break free from her comfort zone.


Ladyee Boutique said...

I really likethe yellow dress and the multi colour maxi! Very cute :)

Tiger Tem said...

Great post. Hadn't seen the full Tiffany Amber collection so its was good to see it all.
I'm looking forward to seeing which Nigerian designer opens a shop somewhere outside Lagos.
Place your bets ladies.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ ladyee boutique: we agree :-) hello!!!

@ tiger tem: thanks! and OMG @ the possibility! hmmmm...great idea for a future post :-)


Tomi said...

My guess would be MOMO, because opening a store outside nigeria would be a stupid move for a designer, when you consider the state of most western economies at the moment.

MOMO is fortunate enough to be independently wealthy and could do it as a prestige move for her company. Truth be told she can afford to open a store in all the major cities at once without losing any sleep. What will be sad is if other designers follow suit without analysing the financials in order to keep up with the joneses.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the names of the models involved? Many thanks- Lil x