Wednesday, March 4, 2009

buzz: house of harlow and torn by ronny kobo

hello there :-) we've been bumping into these two brands pretty much everywhere in the last few weeks so we thought we'd take a closer look. first up, we have torn by ronny kobo:

a little background, thanks to good ol' shopbop:

"Born in Israel and raised in Hong Kong, designer Ronny Kobo has also lived in New York and London and finds inspiration in her globe-trotting lifestyle. Embracing spontaneity, Kobo has created a line of comfortable, versatile, and sexy clothing that easily travels from sofa to safari to Riviera. Always with the carefree adventurer in mind, Torn by Ronny Kobo is a staple for any woman who packs light and travels often."

well said! from what we've seen, ronny kobo draws very heavily from nature - think butterflies, tigers, and zebras. her "safari" vibe draws heavily from Africa in particular:

tiger tank with rhinestuds - $106 @ blueheavenboutique

we love us some tigers and bling bling but @ a staggering $106 (lol), we'll gladly wait on the sale :-) speaking of sales...

the "monica kissing zebras tee" is now $34 here. cute, no?

see more sale and full-priced items here and also at shopbop and singer22.


moving on....

nicole richie's house of harlow 1960 has some pretty cool affordable pieces:

...and of course there's a nod to Africa thrown in for good measure :-) but hey, she made us look, right? and we're liking what we see!

get her "inspired by Africa" ring here for $38 and while you're at it, take a look at her other offerings here and here.

have any other celebrity favorites tickled your fancy lately? please share!


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