Thursday, March 5, 2009

discuss: The Recession

it's evident to pretty much everyone everywhere that we're smack bang in the middle of a recession. it's on the news, blogs, idle conversations, your nightmares, etc. and we're not here to make light of the situation - for most people, 'tis not the season to splurge, 'tis the season to cut back and save, save, save. the thing with us is our parents drilled this ethic into our skulls way back we're not too flustered and have always been more than happy to make do with the bare necessities. however, a recent article ("in a recession, cheap is chic") got us thinking and we concluded that looking good on a budget is pretty much a universal concern these days. well, for the most part. we're really curious as to what our readers make of this. have you had to make drastic changes or cutbacks? have you always been frugal? are thrift stores your new one-stop shop?

please share your experiences with us and we'll do a post fairly soon on how we're "coping". we could all learn something new!

looking forward to hearing from you,

team liquorice


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