Wednesday, March 25, 2009

buzz: lauren pierce by lauren bush

"Fashion is such an amazing vehicle...there’s something neat about a woman putting on an outfit that she loves and then looking at the tag and realizing it was hand-dyed by a woman in Africa"

- Lauren Bush

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from FEED bags to a brand new foray into fashion, lauren bush is a young lady who knows how to mix business with giving. this spring, her Lauren Pierce label features eco-friendly pieces hand-dyed by congolese women, hemp silk, and bamboo. also, "each season Lauren Pierce contributes 10% of profits to a cause that affects women in the country from which it has sourced that season's artisanal materials". win-win situation, no?

find out more about Lauren Pierce here.


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Marian said...

Kudos to Lauren Bush on the line and the fact that she is giving back.
Love the new header !
muah x

xoliquoricexo said...

@ marian: thanks :-) can't wait to see the full range.