Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spotlight: LDA flagship store

hellllo :-)

we started a group on facebook last month called "SHOPPING IN LAGOS". the focus? well, other than the obvious, we'd like to help returnees and never-lefts navigate nigeria's sometimes bumpy shopping terrain. the same questions keep coming up - where to go? what to spend? where to find...? and we thought we'd help. please join the group and contribute! we definitely can't do it alone and don't even want to! thanks :-) in the spirit of shopping in lagos, here are some pictures of lanra da-silva ajayi's new flagship store, courtesty of her facebook group:

the reception:

the fitting room:

the waiting area:

the checkout area:

gorgeous. we especially love the waiting area as it evokes eras gone by without being tawdry or obnoxious. we also love that the interior work is very much in tune with the elegance of her avant-garde, 'homage to vintage' brand, LDA by Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi.

in lagos and can't wait to visit? her address can be found @ our shopping in lagos group here!



ijaw girl said...

WOW!,i really cannot tell you how much i love this blog.it's amazing how much informatiom i get from this blog concerning Nigerians and Africans.i LOVE it.
and OMG,LDA'shop is perfection .love it!!!

Ladyee Boutique said...

I can't wait to vist LDA's store and get a few pieces. Excellent decor!

Anonymous said...

The waiting area is magnificent.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ ijaw girl: AWWW, we SO appreciate that! thank you very much!!!! :-) and yes, LDA is so delightfully artistic! LOVE her!!!

@ ladyee boutique: it so is! please take pictures for us when you go! we're slightly jealous, lol :-)

@ anon: YES, YES, YES!!!!!

thanks for dropping by y'all :-)