Monday, May 4, 2009

event: the met

the first photos are trickling in from this year's met ball...and while we know the entire web will be awash with commentary in the next few hours, we thought we'd get a few words in:

mr. andre leon talley, everyone. don't get it...and perhaps it isn't meant to be "gotten". he's def. a huge fan of bewildering shock value. and re-rocking. peep his blinged out ballet flats from last year. none of us would let our brothers or boyfriends out of the house looking like this...but to each his own.

i'm sure this is supposed to be avant garde but i'm not buying it. way too much drama re: sleeves, and her hair seems like it might be better suited (no pun intended) for another look.

after few weeks of a dry spell, the dynamic duo of the moment make another appearance. mr. west goes with a tux and sneakers sans socks...and ms. rose looks fabulous, but slightly disappointing. we've come to expect more va-va-voom from her and this look doesn't quite deliver.

iman is immaculate, as is to be expected. she seldom (if ever) fails to stun. top points.

eva longoria looks positively INSANE. be still my beating...everything.

...and here's why ms. moss will (probably) always have "it". whatever "it" is. we're digging her turban...and we generally don't dig turbans.

...and here's kate bosworth who looks damn near perfect. timeless, elegant glamor is always in.

more photos/commentary soon.

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J'Adore Fashion said...

funny, i just did a post on MET fashion too, andre will always be Andre--love him!! love kate moss's outfit.xx

A la Femme said...

Kate Bosworth was stunning in that dress.

P.S. Thank you for the kind comment.