Friday, June 12, 2009

ARISE AFRICA FASHION WEEK: the countdown - - eyola designs (UK/nigeria)

[ from EYOLA's "acrifa octette" collection]

we're pretty familiar with many names out-of-africa but, much to our regret, we hadn't heard of eyola designs until this morning. founded by the UK-based ayole adede, EYOLA (a play on her first name, ayole) strikes us as a celebration of all things sharp, chic, and wearable...but with an air of delicious unpredictability in tow. she speaks of being influenced by the victorian era (like fellow nigerian designer, lanre da silva-ajayi) and of being inspired by africa in an unconventional way:

"...designs from Acrifa Octette mirrors the riches of mother Africa- a continent full of rich resources. The focus on the choice of fabrics and the detailed shapes and cuts take inspiration from Africa looking at the continent from a different angle. Instead of the typical African inspirations designers employ in their collections from traditional prints and textiles, Eyola’s Acrifa Octette adopts a different approach. The choice of colours celebrate the African culture married with the Victorian flavor both of which coexist very well..."

here are some pieces from her "africa octette" collection:

here are some pieces from her other collections:

[see more here]

from what we've seen, we can continue to expect incredibly striking, expertly-executed pieces. the influence of couture is apparent but this is the kind of couture that doesn't make one wonder: "who wears this stuff, why, and where to?".

we're MAJORLY excited to see her work at Arise Africa Fashion Week and we know you probably are too after reading this!

stay tuned for more exciting posts throughout the day :-)



Anonymous said...

Incredible work! I need to get off your blog before I get fired, LOL. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

ijaw girl said...

holy mother of God!!!!!!!!!!! this is AMAZING. I HEART this blog.

xoliquoricexo said...

LOL! @ anon: it wasn't us o! lol. thanks for dropping by :-)

@ ijaw girl: comments like yours are the reason why we blog :-) thanks so much!

EYOLA is INTENSE. can't wait to see what she does at africa fashion week.