Thursday, June 18, 2009


odio mimonet's collection featured a rich kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from jewel tones, african print, and the most powerful combination there ever was -- black and white. her collection was also incredibly thorough, featuring virtually every kind of dress there is in a wide range of fabrics, making her collection a cross between schizophrenic and alluring. that said, OM's pieces have wowed us before but this time around, we see a number of pieces we like but very few that we love.

see the entire collection here.


P.S. *edit* (june 18) this collection is slowly but surely growing on us and we see spunk and edge where we hadn't seen it before and beauty in the details. will it end up being one of our favorite collections? stay tuned for our post-fashion week roundup!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your revised review. Some of the collections I initially loved (jbl) now seem a little too simple. Whereas the details in this are really calling out to me and I find more pieces to like every time I look.