Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BUUZZZZZZ: free people rebellion by sarah williams

OKAY, we can't keep this fabulousness to ourselves any longer. so here's the scoop:

Free People Rebellion by sarah williams is INSANE. we spotted pieces from her collection weeks ago and immediately contacted her because we absolutely had to have the necklace above. trust us when we tell you this -- it's even more stunning in person. we'll do a proper post on her and her work sometime in the near future (when her site launches). but if, like us, you can't wait, contact sarah via facebook immediately and get in on the action. oh, and part of her proceeds go to a children's organization in liberia. she's MAJOR...act like you know :-)

more here.



Titi said...


Titi said...

No, seriously, OMGGGGGG! LOL.

BubblyBliss said...

I'm loving her outfit particularly the necklace with the white shirt on...looks like the most stylish cravat ever!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ titi: LOLLL! you're uber cute :-)

@ bubblybliss: they styling is ON POINT. love all her pieces and how she wears them.

thanks for dropping by!