Tuesday, July 21, 2009

back...well, sort of :-)


hi guys :-) sorry for the unplanned, super long hiatus. life happens and we've had our fair share of emergencies to attend to. these things generally have awful timing -- we were chuffed at the spike in our readership during Arise Africa Fashion Week and the many encouraging comments we receieved via e-mail, facebook, and our blog on our coverage. unfortunately, a month ago today, we were bombarded by several events in our personal lives and had to pause to regroup and recuperate. we hope we haven't lost all our fabulous readers in the process :-) all 3 of us have made big decisions in the past few weeks that may affect how often we post or respond to your questions. please bear with us as we adjust to the demands and realities of our new lives (lots of travelling, new cities/countries, post-grad degrees, and limited access to the internet, for e.g.) and please stay tuned as we remain dedicated to keeping you in the loop on africa's fashion scene and africans who make us proud.

with all our love,




ijaw girl said...

awwh! great to have y'all back.

xoliquoricexo said...

thanks boo :-)


Ladyee Boutique said...

Oh Yay! Was wondering where you girls were. :)

MissBalance said...

Just revisited after a while. Welcome back!