Thursday, July 23, 2009

spotlight: alek wek

[alek wek for i-d magazine]
the very striking alek wek caught our eyes several weeks ago and we thought we'd share. in the first photo (above), alek wek lends her grace and elegance to a modern interpretation of the "tribal" trend, complete with her mid-dance stance, her ubiquitous louis vuitton spicy sandals, her feather-covered louis vuitton top, and assorted stacked bangles. we're not too sure about the pile on her head and think photo would've been even more fascinating without it. all in all, alek wek brings a breath of fresh air to the "tribalness" of things and we can't say we're not pleased.
o o o
in photo 2, shot for vogue nippon, yellow has never been so beautiful against such a sharp canvas of gorgeous brown skin. her incredible smile seals the deal and makes this photo captivating in its simplicity.
images: google images