Friday, July 24, 2009

spotlight: chichia london by christine mhando

once in a while, a designer comes along that makes us sit up and pay attention. we're a bit jaded by the many, MANY fashion labels that creep up daily (western and african alike) and find that if our faithful, trusty tailor can imitate your entire collection for a HUGE fraction of the cost, we'd much likely give her our money. no offense -- we just won't pay up for anything that's not original or interesting or fairly reasonably-priced. which is why we celebrate brands such as zebra, akpos okudu, and now, chichia london. her new collection is every print and bead-lover's dream AND her prices won't make you keel over or sell your soul. chichia london is a celebration of color, ultra femme pieces, and simple but charming embellishments for the everyday on-the-go lady who makes you ask, "where did you get that?"
o o o

more info on the chichia london brand here. while she's practically sold out @ thelookboutique, we hope she'll send new stock their way soon.