Friday, August 21, 2009

buzz: vogue africa?

ever wondered if Vogue'll ever cast its net over Africa? perhaps it will, perhaps it won't. in any case, cameroonian photographer mario epanya isn't content with speculation - he's gone ahead and shot his own "vogue africa" covers in the hope of making conde nast pay attention. in fact, as the buzz around the famed september issue reaches fever pitch, mario has taken it upon himself to create vogue africa's version of the september issue, which we eagerly anticipate. this is a splendid idea and a worthy movement - one which we're prepared to support relentlessly. in the meantime, a number of africa-centered publications exist that are well worth the trees they're printed on. so while we hope Vogue sits up and pays attention, we're content with the Arise Magazines of this world that are already setting the bar very high...

support the Vogue Africa movement here...


p.s. the regal, half-naked african woman look gets very tiring very quickly. africa is too rich and diverse for this to become a stereotype. just a thought directed at no one in particular :-)

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