Wednesday, September 9, 2009

spotlight: duro olowu fall 2009

after much anticipation on our parts, we're very excited to present duro olowu's fall 2009 collection, courtesy of he continues with his tradition of vibrant prints and translates them into fall by making them a little subdued but by no means less interesting. from silk maxi dresses, featuring classic floral and polka dot print... his penchant for mixing, matching, and clashing...

...and his inclusion of metallics...

...and delightful, shorter hemlines...

this collection is very duro and has just the right dose of excitement to make fall less dreary. this fall, duro seems to be saying:

- enjoy the little details: pocketing and layered necklaces add charm
- don't shy away from color and hints of playfulness
- mixing, matching, and clashing will set you apart

see the entire 15-piece collection here and be sure to keep an eye on our analysis of his spring 2010 collection in the coming days. here's a snippet of what to expect.



Anonymous said...

Love the 2nd maxi dress!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ anon: it's def one of our favorites!

thanks for dropping by!