Thursday, October 15, 2009

cover girl: alicia keys//Arise Magazine, Oct 2009

this month's cover of Arise Magazine features the very lovely Alicia Keys and her work with her Keep a Child Alive foundation. in even more exciting news, Arise Magazine is now on sale online @!! ALSO, the fabulous people @ myasho'll throw in a free copy of Arise for purchases of £25 or more!! FINALLY (yes, there's more), get 10% off your purchases from now until oct. 30, 2009 using the following code during checkout: "KCA2009".

get issue #7 of Arise here!



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Anonymous said...

Ok so here is my rant about Arise. I've supported it for the past 6 editions but now Im starting to think that the "African" magazine thing is a sham.
To start with, with the exception of an intern, there are no Africans on the magazines staff (check the masthead) This is very disappointing and considering the fact that Im commenting on an excellent blog written by african girls (You guys!) they cant tell me they dont know any africans that can write.
Secondly this magazine seems to only cover african designers when they are taking part in This day events or showing abroad. Do they think that the public isnt interested in how we dress at home, what interests us and what informs our style.
This months fashion editorial was almost entirely western designers. I can see black girls in Cavalli in Vogue so Im surprised they didnt take the opportunity to show the work of designers that are not already dominating the mainstream.
I feel this magazine is trying too hard to be "oyinbo" which is too be expected since oyinbo people are writing and producing it, but that leaves me wondering who exactly is their audience.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ anon 1: yeah, we like this cover, too! alicia looks fabulous!

@ anon 2: we love when our readers rant :-) i really must do more research on the "Arise" brand and its mission statement. truth be told, i've only ever thumbed through the first edition ("the africa issue") and i didn't think it too shabby. it's packed full of africans being africans but perhaps other editions fall severely short. will have to pick those up and judge. if Arise's aim is to present africans on a global stage, they may wish to consider including more african writers and more substantial content to warrant the price tag. i'll definitely be doing additional research and will continue this conversation with my friends and associates offline.

thanks for your comments (and compliment :-)). stay tuned for updates!