Saturday, October 10, 2009

fyi: elan oct 11

we're super, SUPER excited that pieces from lanre da silva-ajayi's couture fashion week collection are featured in this week's elan...especially since we only just blogged about it yesterday. we're secretly convinced this is a sign we're supposed to acquire the dress above by hook or crook...hopefully it's not sufficiently out of budget to induce a conniption.

this is easily one of the most exciting elan spreads we've seen in recent times. bravo, elan. this is what we're talking about.

o o o

we also spotted this rather insane Hallero piece that we kinda sorta need to have. strapless cocktail dresses have always made us weak in the knees.

sigh. where's money when you need it, eh? 

see the entire spread here ("GALLERY Elan October 11").

o o o

oh, one last thing, designer zizi cardow's also featured in this week's elan, as is lanre da silva-ajayi's hair and beauty routine.

more here and here.

happy reading :-)



Ladyee Boutique said...

LDA's definetly getting it right! The strapless dress is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize the Hallero dress was ankara until I saw it in Elan. Probably should've enlarged it on your blog. In any case, I plan on picking it up soon. At #38, 000 (naira), it isn't too bad.