Saturday, November 21, 2009

on repeat: funke fowler in tiffany amber

when it comes to poise and elegance, they really don't come much more fabulous than funke fowler, owner of the ultra chic boutique, leila fowler. for this edition of "on repeat", we feature one of her brands of choice, tiffany amber by folake folarin-coker. it makes perfect sense, doesn't it? tiffany amber is, after-all, fluent in elegant chic:


our first find features funke fowler at the launch of the rebirth bags collection at leila fowler several months ago. her top is from tiffany amber's arise african fashion week 2009 showing


at the official red carpet launch of rebirth bags at terra kulture, funke fowler chose another piece from the same collection.


now, we're launching into aso-ebi territory. funke's elegant outfit appears to be adapted from a piece shown from the same collection as the first two. funke's skirt is a more fitted option.

a similar piece was also spotted on an attendee at the 2009 genevieve pink ball:


this piece is another of funke fowler's tiffany amber aso-ebi adaptations. the embroidery was replaced with a simple belt:

the piece above is from tiffany amber's recent showing at new york fashion week for her spring 2010 collection. the designer herself wears a similar piece below:

clearly, funke fowler knows what works for her and she certainly works tiffany amber well.

connect with the tiffany amber brand here.


photos thanks to:

234next's elan
bella naija (here, here and here)


Anonymous said...

OMG she is SOOO FAB!!!

umami said...

mhmmm okay. so this is where i find you.

hello, friend, long-lost.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how you guys spot these things but you're bloody good at it! Wish you more and more success with this blog. You really have something worthwhile here!

Titi said...

Need her closet in my life. GOSH. Bish is HOT! lol.