Friday, November 6, 2009

ShopAfrica: kua designs by ruby buah

[photo courtesy of mimi magazine]

she's SO good we had to blog about her twice. we introduced ruby buah's delightful ghana-inspired straw clutches to you a little while, thanks to a notification on her facebook page, we present one of the most well-thought out and beautifully executed websites we've seen. the photos are amazing, her new online store is deliciously well-stocked, and her pieces absolutely must make their way into our closets very, very soon.

how can one brand be so darn fabulous????? we blog for moments like this.

while you're at it, explore her second brand, stringz attached, featuring gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

jump on the bandwagon while there's still space. don't say we didn't warn you :-)


connect with ruby buah/kua designs/stringz attached:

website: kua designs
facebook: KUA
SHOP ONLINE: kua designs + etsystringz attached
blog: my kua
twitter: kua designs



Titi said...

The drying line concept is crazy dope. Absolutely love her website and the fact that one can shop online. Many african designers still haven't caught on but several have and that's encouraging.

Ladyee Boutique said...

Ruby's line is super cute and this photo is super creative. I have two purses on order at the moment!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ titi: we're totally on the same wavelength! we can't wait for more designers to take the plunge and we'll keep showcasing as many as we find that already have. can't wait to shop deola sagoe (and co.) online someday SOON.

@ ladyee: her photoshoot is very, very innovative. we're SO in love. lucky you to have 2 purses on their way :-) please share photos with us on your blog when they arrive!


TL said...

Well done Ruby.
We agree with Titi, African designers will have to catch up with the online wave. Hairdressers had to catch up whether we liked it or not.

Fashion is moving forward via the internet and if any designer or hairdresser wants to succeed-no matter how talented they are....They must have an active online presence.