Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wanted: christian louboutin's lady page

SO...i'm sitting here completely enamored by an inanimate object i can't afford. if this doesn't make me pathetic...wait, scratch that -- this makes me pathetic :-) i will never fully understand what it is about mr. louboutin's genius that leaves me teary-eyed (really) and lustful, but e-window shopping/stalking certainly hasn't been the since he came into my life. i'm sure you can relate. here's to hoping 2010 is a louboutin-filled year...but more in my closet and less in my internet history, lol...

learn more about the lady page pump here, subscribe to this ridiculously amazing louboutin-only blog, and stay tuned to shopliquorice for more decadence :-)



SET said...

Haute, lovesssssssssssss it. love it of course.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ SET: hi there!!! long time!! isn't mr. louboutin RIDICULOUS??? S I G H.