Thursday, December 10, 2009

spotlight: bestow elan

ladies and gents, presenting our new brand crush, bestow elan by erzumah ackerson:

in their words: "an innovative womenswear label - contemporary in style, inspired by cultural awareness...erzumah ackerson draws her inspiration from both classic and vintage stimuli, as well as influences from her african heritage. this in turn allows her to create garments that are fitting for every occasion, and appeal to individuals from all walks of life."

why we love bestow elan: aside from the attention to shape and detail which we greatly admire, we're big fans of how a little playfulness shines through the backdrop of chic sophistication. the beauty, as always, is in the details - from bold shoulders, to peek-a-boo details, to the meshing of african print and jersey, to structure without stuffiness, we're completely sold - hook, line and sinker. bestow elan is easily one of our most exciting finds in 2009.


connect with bestow elan -

website: bestow elan
facebook group: bestow elan designs



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