Friday, January 15, 2010

spotlight: korto momolu's statement necklaces

we're biiiiig suckers for statement necklaces, so it was with copious amounts of joy that we looked through korto momolu's e-store and found some of the most beautiful necklaces...of all-time!

about the collection//in korto's words:

"I use a lot of African beads as well as a lot of things made out of resin because my necklaces tend to be chunky and bulky, so I try to use materials that are not as heavy as using the actual stones and metals. A lot of glass beads. Some of the beads are from Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. I love texture, there’s a lot of texture, my variation of textures, in all the pieces. I love turquoise. I also used feathers in some of the designs, I’ve always loved feathers and there are many different variations of feather earrings, so I thought “How can I make mine different?” I like the chains and the feathers. It has a soft and a hard feel to it. They’re made out of silver." [source]

to purchase, visit korto momolu's e-store, where she also has tees and purses for sale.



Anonymous said...

Oh Lawd, pure JOY.

Titi said...

Sooooo beautiful! Go Korto!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ anon & titi - yesssss! we want, we want, we NEED!

thanks for dropping by, guys :-)