Friday, February 12, 2010

Africa In The News: ASOS to launch ASOS Africa Feb. 21

Last weekend, we were brainstorming new posts [even though we have a backlog of a hundred thousand posts we haven't published yet!] when we found out about a new initiative from online retailer ASOS called ASOS Africa. In connection with SOKO Kenya, ASOS is set to release ASOS Africa  under its new Green Room initiative ["a new online marketplace which brings together and highlights brands that promote people and the planet"]. According to the Green Room blog, the ASOS Africa collection will be produced "in collaboration with artisans and small communities in Kenya and Tanzania."  We've seen a sneak peek of what to expect - there's a mixture of kanga print [which seems to be catching on quite nicely, thanks to brands like Chichia London and Suno], wax print, and some accessories. Here's the full press release...

[click to enlarge or read it here]

...and here are some pieces from the first collection:

They really are very lovely wardrobe staples! However, since they're pretty affordable and accessible, they could very well prove to be a challenge for higher priced out-of-Africa and Africa-inspired brands with similar pieces. That said, ASOS must be commended for bridging the gap between the demand for African print pieces and the less-than-stellar supply structure that sometimes exists.

Excited about ASOS Africa? Why? Why not?

[Blazer - 70 GBP; Shorts - 40 GBP]

See more pieces here and follow the Green Room blog here to stay connected.


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