Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Countdown to the Arise Magazine African Collective III: 3 days to go!

[Tanzanian designer Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth and Ashes]

We were snooping around trying to bring you the inside scoop of what to expect from Anisa Mpungwe's Loin Cloth and Ashes show @ NYFW this Saturday when we stumbled on her moodboard:

o o o

Let's see what we can make it of it:

- A subdued palette of browns and taupes with a dash of gray
- A touch of black to keep things edgy
- An emphasis on texture [knits, perhaps?]
- Defined, structured shapes [a la corsets, helped by belting]
- Vintage femininity and romance rooted in modernity

o o o

We'll know if we were right or wrong on Saturday :-)

What do you make of the moodboard?

Oh, before we forget, we also stumbled on the official invite to the event:

Nice and simple! But more than that, we know several people who would kill to have one in their hands right now, lol. Anyway, hope these little "inside scoops" make you as happy and excited as they make us :-)


1 comment:

boatx2 said...

Even though she's yet to reveal,
I love those corset-like silhouettes.

I don't think I've seen anything like that on the runway this year.