Monday, February 15, 2010

Spotlight: Suno Fall 2010


We've been loving SUNO NY long time and their latest collection has only made us fall deeper. Some of you will recall our first encounter with the brand and the stunning kanga pieces in their debut collection. More recently, however, the brand seems to be favoring more of a mixture of influences. In this collection, the fusion of elements including color, metallics, layering, patterns, print, velvet, and range [lots of wonderful separates, dresses, and jackets] might make it seem like utter chaos on paper. However, this collection is a delightful melting-pot and alchemy of sorts, injecting a dose of joy to winter and sustaining it well into spring. Of particular interest to us was their use of glorious prints and patterns to create a collection that's already nudging our wallets and tugging at our heartstrings. The sheer brilliance of this collection is that it does so much but doesn't lose itself to disorderliness in the process. Here's a closer look at the prints and patterns that stood out for us:

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GEOMETRIC PRINT: Africa-inspired without being too obvious. Several African wax prints bear similar geometric patterns, but the use of neon colors made this stand out especially well.

ZIG-ZAG PATTERNS: Featuring a blend of orange and blue and trimmed with floral patterns.

IKAT PRINT: Suno borrows inspiration from Indonesia's famous ikat print, combining it with metallic pieces.

MORE ZIG-ZAG PRINT: Easily some of our favorite pieces worn separately or as is.


With so much to choose from, what's not to love?

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Watch the collection come to life:


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See the entire collection here, see photos from Suno NY's past collections here and shop Suno here.


Photos courtesy of elle and fashionista.

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