Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Wore What: Alicia Keys + Beyonce in Boxing Kitten

We caught stills from the "Put It On A Love Song" [Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce] shoot and immediately knew the bright african print pieces were Boxing Kitten originals. Kudos to Maya Lake of Boxing Kitten for creating a fabulous, instantly recognizable brand and for getting her name and work out there. Both ladies look FANTASTIC and this can only signal bigger and better things for the brand. Some of you may recall that Solange wore two Boxing Kitten pieces recently. With spring kicking in and african print/tribal being one of the main attractions, will 2010 be Boxing Kitten's biggest moment yet?

Stay tuned.

Shop Boxing Kitten here, read our previous posts on the brand here, and see more photos courtesy of beyonceworld here.



Anon said...

I must commend Maya - she does something with African Print that's distinct and interesting and her pieces, while a little pricey for me, are highly covetable. They're also rather difficult to imitate as her fabric choices are uncommon.

Congrats to her, as you said!

Anon said...

P.S. I must also commend you girls on spotlighting out-of-Africa and Africa-inspired brands and keeping your blog fresh and entertaining. You def. have a part to play in bringing African Designers to the spotlight.

Keep at it!