Saturday, March 13, 2010


Our daily internet trawl led us to the A/W 2010 collection of Renaissance of our Roots (ROOR), a brand that "produces contemporary clothing with beautiful fabrics from the continent of Africa" and that's run by three Nigerian ladies (Dami, Ekaete, and Rotimi). While several other brands share the same ethos, ROOR is distinct in that it pushes the boundaries of which fabric can do what, thus creating its own sub-reality. Take their latest collection, for instance. Fabrics like lace, aso-oke, and the crisp fabric used to make geles (head ties) are used to create sculptural pieces that "(imagine) what a future African ice age would look like" and the end product is really quite fascinating:

Here's a look at the behind-the-scenes process. This skirt was made from gele (or the crisp fabric used to make geles) and aso-oke (woven cloth). Brilliant:

See more here.

We're definitely keeping an eye on this brand. We always welcome a little imagination and a little spunk and ROOR design has sufficient amounts of both.


Connect with the brand -

Facebook Fan Page: Renaissance of our Roots
Twitter: RooRDesign


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