Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Wore What: Tokini Peterside in Maki-Oh (and Tiffany Amber!)

We always get a little thrill when we spot pieces from our favorite out-of-Africa designers off the runway! Tokini Peterside of Fashion Auction House (and the scrumptious Chopaholic blog!) is pictured here at FAH's latest event, Eden, from which just under N3,000,000 ($20,000*) was raised to support Genesis House, a rehabilitation center for women. Fabulous!

Ms. Peterside wears a sheer, mesh tank from Maki-Oh's "Everything in Proportion" collection, and she carries a Chanel-inspired ankara purse by Tiffany Amber (N44,000//$293*). A quick word on these purses -- they certainly deserve their own post! They're a creative collaboration between Tiffany Amber and Ohenaba Design of Ghana and they symbolize (at least to us) the rapid "Africanization" of everything -- and why not?

All said and done, do we love Tokini's look?


Photo of Tokini is courtesy of Elan
*Rates vary according to market prices. We've used a N150 to $1 rate here.

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