Monday, May 3, 2010

Spotlight: VLISCO/Sparkling Dreams/May 2010

Vlisco's latest collection (Sparkling Dreams) is a stunning burst of color and shape. Touches of orange, blue, pink, green, and red coalesce to create a dizzying whirlwind of hues. In Vlisco's words:


All your senses will celebrate the colourful new fabric collection 'Sparkling Grace' by Vlisco. Go up the stairs and feel the sensation of melodious pulsations leading to a spectacle of bright colours. The designs coordinate the rhythm of the movement. Clear graphic lines give a feeling of the beat while numerous floral designs make up the melody, blossoming into a range of vibrant fabrics. 'Sparkling Grace' pays homage to elegance and femininity, magnifying both your inner and outer beauty. So take the stage and shine like a star.

The "Mama" fabric, just in time for Mother's Day:

Fantastic collection.

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Wande- Ladyee Boutique said...

Love all the vibrant Colors!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Wande: *waves* HIIIIIII!!

maxi dress said...

colors are lovely and bright!