Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Look: JbyLisa is here!

[The Tribal Safari Dress from JbyLisa]

It's finally here, folks! We're excited to bring you the first look (anywhere on the webternets!) of Jewel by Lisa's diffusion line, JbyLisa. This is Jewel by Lisa's world of print and embellishments toned down and made significantly less expensive and thus more accessible. The pieces are not only versatile, summer-worthy and printastic, they've also been "ethically crafted using local African cotton fabrics and embellished using sequins, beads and leather, which are all carefully hand sewn onto the fabric." [MyAsho Press Release]

The pieces retail from 55-120 pounds and should be available on myasho.com from May 24, 2010. Interested in further discounts? Join the myasho Facebook Fan Page here.

Peep more pieces below:

[Cocoa Bean Shorts]

[Embellished Pom Pom Skirt]

[Jewel Blue Wrap Dress]

[Tribal Nights Romper]

Are you more likely to take the Jewel by Lisa plunge if you haven't already? 

Many, many thanks to our friends at myasho for granting us this exclusive first look :-) You rock!



hmmmm.... said...

Real talk.....I cant say im loving it. From the pictures, it looks ill fitting and a little poorly constructed. I would rather save my pennies for the mainline. These pieces look too much like ankara basics that my tailor has already made.

Anonymous said...

They don't excite me much at all. I was expecting downsized versions of her memorable pieces but I'm disappointed to find run-of-the-mill pieces that are all too easy to replicate. That said, these pieces could've been accessorized better in the photos...that may have helped some, but not much at all.

Titi said...

Would SO wear these! Esp. the trench with some hot tan wedges or sandals! LOVE IT!