Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lookbook: Tiffany Amber Autumn/Winter 2010

First word: WOW. Tiffany Amber's Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook seems very much like a coming-of-age project and a stunning testament to a designer that continues to be one of the dominant players in Africa's fashion scene 12 years after she started. Now, we don't say 'coming-of-age' to be patronizing or facetious -- we say it to pay homage to a designer who has fine-tuned her point-of-view and seems to be saying with this collection "I know what works for me."

Taking off where she left off in Paris and featuring a scrumptious platter of draped silks, watercolor print with a dash of solids, batiks and exquisite beadwork, this collection oozes relaxed sophistication and a maturity that's completely secure in itself. The dress code for the Tiffany Amber woman is jumpsuits, separates, and signature grecian-style dresses fit for her glamorous undertakings, helped along by signature Ituen Basi necklaces. Without further ado:

A. These looks feature dresses with watercolor and floral prints prints + beaded waist and neck detailing:

B. Strong trenches and jackets executed in silk and batiks,  also featuring separates:

C. Ultra glam jumpsuits galore! Draped, relaxed, FABULOUS:

D. Separates offset with black tops & solid separates and dresses:

Needless to say, it's time to own our first of many Tiffany Amber pieces. Fantastic work to the designer and her team! Click here for store locations and here for contact information.


Many thanks to our Facebook Friend "Mi-Le" for these photos!


Tobi said...

Definitely her best collection yet ! Stunning ! Such fluid and clean lines !

miss.fab said...

stunning. she's definitely talented, no question about that. i can't even say i have a favorite piece. love them all

Anonymous said...

love htem all! esp. the jumpsuit. so fresh; so risque.

Liberian Girl said...

This has to be one of my favorite collections of Autumn/Winter 2010. Thank you for this lookbook!