Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who Wore What: Rachel Roy in Rachel Roy 2011

Rachel Roy recently tweeted about this simultaneously bold and understated draped tie-dye dress. In her words:"This dress is so special to me. Handmade tye-dye fabric from friends in Ghana, in a shape I'm working on for S/S." We love how it reminds us of Africa's penchant for "fast fashion" - grab a photo from a magazine, show it to your tailor, make a few changes here and there, pick it up in its African Print version next tomorrow :-) We also love that indigenous African fabrics, such as this tye-dye one (popularly called "adire" in Western Nigeria, where it's locally designed and made), are slowly but surely making their way to the spotlight. Many of you probably already know African Print/Ankara isn't indigenous to Africa, and while we're fascinated by how it has become the unofficial dress code of a continent, we're also routing for the locally-made underdogs :-)

Said all that to say this -- lovely dress, Rachel!



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