Friday, July 30, 2010

Africa-Inspired: Masai-style "Sobat" necklace by Noir Jewelry

The wave of Afromania has inspired many-an-artist this season - from print pillows to the celebration of a prominent African on Broadway. Jewelry has also taken on a very "tribal" or "ethnic" aesthetic, incorporating the beauty of several countries on the world's most fascinating continent. Recently, we spotted colorful seed beads - reminiscent of Masai-style neck wear in all their splendour and majesty - forming the the crux of a stunning necklace by Noir Jewelry. So far, Kelis and Solange have been charmed, and we're not too far behind:

So, so gorgeous! We certainly love to see Africa inspire beyond the shores of Africa and we greatly admire the beauty of this piece. We want!
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