Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love: Kwesi Abbensetts//Those pants!

These pants make us want to take a voyage to a faraway place wearing nothing but loose print bottoms, a roomy tee and sandals. Love the use of contrasting fabric on the high waist and love the relaxed, perfectly-happy-in-my-own skin vibe the model exudes. 

See more photos here, courtesy of the very, very amazing Kwesi Abbensetts, whose photographs never cease to spark conversations and desire.



Robbie said...

I really love the outfit and the accessories on the model. Our people are indeed beautiful.

Nice blog!

Sugarr said...

Those pants are love!

Charlisa said...

Yes..I love those pants..Checked out all of his pictures..I love all of the outfits in "As The Sun Sets"